My Favorite Summer Frugal Joys


Frugal joys are free or inexpensive things and experiences that make us happy. The best part about them is that we can add more of them to our lives without increasing our expenses. We can also use them to replace more expensive things to reduce our spending (without losing the joy in our lives). 

Summer is my favorite frugal joy season because there are so many options when the weather is warm. Here are some of my favorite frugal joys from this summer. I’d love to hear about yours too! 

Homemade popsicles.

I stopped by my friend’s apartment last week and her son handed me a homemade popsicle, filled with beautiful fruits. I wish I took a picture for you. Whether it’s a healthy refreshing treat or a delicious boozy popsicle (hello my fave frozen margarita pops), I can’t get enough of homemade popsicles in the summer.  

Vihno Verde outdoors.

Riding a crowded train, I met a lovely man on his way to a first date. He was bringing a $6 bottle of the refreshing and slightly effervescent, Portugese white wine, Vihno Verde to a park in the city. Vihno Verde is the new fab frugal Rosé.  

Mr. Softee.

To me, there is nothing like vanilla soft serve in a cone dipped in rainbow sprinkles. Eli enjoyed his first ice cream last week and his eyes lit up! We are definitely in trouble next time he sees the Mr. Softee truck! 

Getting to the nearest body of water.

There’s something so relaxing about being near a body of water. Getting to hear the sound of the waves at a beach is the ultimate for me, but even sitting on the top deck, riding the ferry around the city makes me so happy. Whether it’s a drive, train or ferry ride away, getting to the nearest body of water to relax and read a book, is a top frugal joy for me. 

Sprinkler playdates.

After Memorial Day, so many of the playgrounds turn into sprinkler heavens. It keeps kids cool and entertained for hours. I love meeting friends at the playground for playdates. We get some quality kid time in with some often interrupted adult conversations. 

Free outdoor events - festivals, movies, plays and concerts.

In the summer there are so many options for free outdoor events. I can’t tell you how many #frugaljoy texts and DMs I get from free movies in the park and free outdoor plays and concerts. We spent last Friday at the San Gennaro Festival, taking in the sights, tasting delicious food and the kiddies went on some adorable rides.