How to have a money party. 

How to have a money party. 

We don’t typically associate money with parties but I’m telling you, it’s a worthwhile association to make. 

One of the reasons we don’t make the progress we want in our financial lives is because our financial to-do list continues to get put on the back burner. We have busy lives so when we don’t create the time for something (like dealing with our finances), the calendar fills up and we continue to not have time. It’s a vicious cycle. 

The result? A constant low-grade (or even high-grade) stress that our financial to-do list continues to grow. 

We have a relationship with money like we have a relationship with anything else. If we treated our best friends the way we treat our money, they’d be pissed. Imagine if we completely ignored them and then when we did spend time together, we were completely stressed out. 

A great way to end this unfulfilling cycle and improve our relationship with our money is to have a money party. A money party is time we set aside to have a fun date with our finances. Here’s how to have one. 

Create the time.

Choose a time and date for your money party and put it in the calendar. I recommend an hour and a half every other week. Make it even easier on yourself and set a recurring calendar reminder. 

Set the agenda.

Go in with your to-do list. I like to add mine to the calendar reminder so it’s all in one place. Here are some ideas: 

  • Take a look at your expenses over the last two weeks 

  • Check-in on progress towards your savings or investment goals 

  • Tackle any financial to-dos that have been hanging over your head (finally rollover your old 401(k), cancel a subscription, or negotiate away a fee)

Make it a party.

I call it a party for a reason - we want to make it fun. Pour your favorite beverage, put on some music, and get cozy in your PJs. Try out some ways to make it fun and if they don’t work, try something else until you look forward to your money parties. In a workshop someone shared a great idea:  they love ice cream and only eat ice cream during their money parties so that they really look forward to them. 

Reward yourself.

It sounds silly, but we work really well with rewards. Go out for a date night or with your friends after. Watch your favorite tv show guilt-free or hop in a bubble bath. We want to reward ourselves for prioritizing this important part of our lives! 

Bring in friends and family.

Accountability really works. Just like having a gym buddy makes it easier and more fun to go to the gym, we can have a money buddy (or multiple money buddies) too! Enroll your partner or friends to have money parties. Invite them to join you or even text each other to keep the other updated on progress.