Money Musings: cue the Friends theme song

Money Musings 💭cue the Friends theme song 🎧

A couple months back, many of you shared feedback on our Money Musing via a survey which led to our new and improved version. Thank you! I’m personally obsessed with it and we couldn’t have done it without you. 🙏

Something that was mentioned in over 70% of your responses was accountability. You want more accountability around your money. And it makes complete sense. We can have the best of intentions, know what we should do, and still see the days come and go without taking any action (or as much action as we’d like!). 

I’ve seen the power of accountability with my clients who often do their homework right before our calls because they know they have to face me (😂 but it’s true!). I saw it in my original 30-Day Money Cleanse community who took the program together, and we saw their results skyrocket (shoutout [megaphone emoji] to my Money Cleanse OG’s!). 

I personally use accountability every time I want to build a new habit. This year I wanted to start meditating so I got a meditation buddy. We text each other every time we meditate. Some days, when I don’t feel like meditating, I only do, so I can text him. 😂 It really works! 

All that being said, I know how important accountability is and I want to offer it to you. I’m launching a Fiscal Femme Accountability Community and would love to have you join as founding members (oh hey 👋… discount 🎉). 
We’re going to start simple - accountability around a ‘Money Move of the Week’ (because consistent action leads to big results) as well as monthly Money Mastermind calls with yours truly. 🤗 But I’m building this for you, so it will evolve and grow based on your feedback.