If you have financial goals or want help developing them, let's talk.

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(1) 90 minute strategy session

A comprehensive, personalized action plan

(5) 60 minute accountability and execution sessions (2 per month)

Personalized homework in between sessions and accountability, chosen by you

Unlimited email support from Ashley, the Fiscal Femme, to help you reach your goals


previous client goals

Create spending plan / budget

Pay off credit card debt and student loans

Become an informed investor

Improve credit score and buy a home

Plan to combine finances with partner

Create a financial plan for business

Reach short and long-term saving goals


Previous client results

Paid down over $3,000 in credit card debt in three months

Increased their net worth by $20,000 in three months

Negotiated 60% salary increase and defined new roles for themselves at work

Paid down $10,000 in student loans and increased their credit scores by 150 points

Saved $23,000 for their wedding in under a year


Payment Options

Pay in Full: $2,250 (save $600)

Payment Plan: $850 / month for 3 months

Packages for couples available as well.


Client Thoughts

There are very few things that scare me in life, but personal finances was always this overwhelming dark cloud I avoided. I didn’t know where to begin, and to be honest, I was too embarrassed to ask. Working with Ashley was a game changer. Within our first session, we developed a plan, and one by one tackled all aspects of my finances: budgeting, savings, investing, 401K, credit and security. Within 6 weeks, I feel completely empowered and have a game-plan moving forward. Most importantly, I know how to find the answers when I get stuck. She’s a dream to work with!
Working with Ashley was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I had been meaning to speak to a money coach for a while, but was worried it would be a judgmental situation given my habits. Ashley never made me feel guilty, and instead helped me hone in what truly made me happy, and in turn, helped me spend money on those things and not waste it on others. I am happy to say that since the program stopped, I have stuck to the plan we created, and I have more in savings than I ever had before. I am forever grateful for Ashley and what she instilled in me.
I wasn’t sure what to expect and was hesitant at first about spending a significant amount on a “money coach”... but Ashley was worth every penny! Her approach is a complete balanced package of empathy, highly detailed organization and firm challenges where needed. I recently started a new job and am in the midst of wedding planning and Ashley patiently walked me through every step of the way to understand my spending, debts, savings and investment potential. I’ve never felt more in control of my finances and confident about my plan for future big money goals. I highly recommend working with Fiscal Femme ASAP!

Working with Ashley was literally the BEST investment I have made thus far in my life. She is such a joy to work with and very very gentle! I feel completely safe in working with her because let’s be honest sharing all your finances can be a bit scary! I now have the understanding of finances and how to make money truly work for me and my life and I don’t have any fear or anxiety around money anymore. I am excited to say that very shortly I will have paid down all my credit cards, have stopped being in the paycheck to paycheck scenario that plagued me for so long and I have started my first high interest savings account! All this plus a solid plan within 3 months of working with Ashley.

WHy me?

I am a money coach and financial wellness advocate helping women live their best lives while saving for the future. I’ve found so much power and freedom in what I've discovered along my money journey that I've made it my mission to share it with others.