The Tackle Your Debt course will equip you with the tools to create a sustainable and manageable plan to pay down your credit card debt without the shame and guilt. Take the class at your pace - whenever and wherever.

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How it works

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When you sign up, you’ll receive entry to our private member-only portal where you can access all four video classes, excel tools, and workbook. You can do the course on your own time.

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Each video class comes with accompanying tools and workbooks for the class exercises. There are a total of four classes.

You'll have lifetime access to the course which means you can retake the Tackle Your Debt course at any time (for no additional cost).


What we cover

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Class #1

We lay the foundation. We cover credit card 101 - the jargon, how everyone gets paid, and the costs and benefits to us. We utilize an inventory worksheet to itemize our debt and a cash tracker to uncover how much we can realistically and manageably put toward our debt.

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Class #2

This class is all about action. We prioritize our debt, deciding the best order to pay it down. We take into account what financially makes sense as well as what will be most motivating to us. We create our debt pay down plan using the cash tracker and inventory sheet from class #1 and put that plan into action.

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Class #3

We accelerate our pay down plan. We play the “money game” to make saving additional money fun and rewarding. I also answer the most frequently asked questions I get about credit cards in detail, including: "Should I refinance?" "Are 0% interest cards a good pay down strategy?" "Should I close credit cards?" and "Are the rewards worth the annual fee?”

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Class #4

This class is all about tracking success and celebrating. We create routines and systems for keeping these new pay down habits going long after the course is over, and we talk about how you can celebrate various debt pay down milestones along the way. This will keep you connected, motivated, and having fun along your debt pay down journey.


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$147 for lifetime access to the course